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Jefferson County Court Records

Jefferson County court records consist of files, documents, and multimedia files kept and maintained by courthouses. Some common examples include judgments, court orders, court dockets, and court calendars. Court records are vital sources of information, such as filing dates, particulars of parties and attorneys on record, motions moved, and more. Jefferson County court records are maintained by the record custodian of each court, who could be the court clerk.

Are Court Records Public in Jefferson County?

Yes, court records are considered public in Jefferson County. Under Section 36-12-40 of the Alabama Code, citizens can inspect and make copies of public records described as public writings. This legislation also provides information and details that must be exempted from public records due to their sensitive or personal nature. Such information will be exempted or redacted from the records compiled in a request.

Records seekers can access public court records through the courthouses in Jefferson County. The court clerk or records custodian is typically available during work hours on working days to conduct records searches and handle requests. Requesters can also submit records requests remotely through mail or any judiciary website. Accessing court records can require identity verification with a valid ID and payment of the required processing fees.

Jefferson County Court Records Search

Jefferson County allows records seekers to conduct records searches through the county's custodial courthouses. The court clerk or records custodian can be approached with a properly executed records request to search the archives. Records searches at the courthouses can be done on working days and between working hours.

Jefferson County Court Records Search by Name

Jefferson County allows name searches for court records. When submitting a records request, it is important to accompany it with some details to aid the records search, such as filing dates, names of registrants, and locations specific to the case. Using name searches is one of the most effective records recovery methods. Requesters can provide the names of parties to the case, the attorneys on record, or the arresting officer.

Jefferson County Courts

Jefferson County maintains Alabama's judicial structure by having Circuit, District, Probate, and Municipal Courts.

Jefferson County’s Circuit Courts
Jefferson County Circuit Court
Jefferson County Courthouse
716 Richard Arrington, Jr. Blvd N, Birmingham, AL 35203
Phone: (205) 325-5355


Jefferson County Circuit Court
Jefferson County Criminal Justice Center
801 Richard Arrington, Jnr. Blvd N, Birmingham, AL 35203
Phone - (205) 325-5285
Fax - (205) 325-8754


Jefferson County Circuit Court
Domestic Relations of Jefferson County
2124 7th Ave N, Birmingham, AL 35203
Phone: (205) 325-5400


Jefferson County Circuit Court
Bessemer Justice Center
1851 2nd Ave N, Bessemer, AL 35020
Phone: (205) 497-8510


Jefferson County Family Court
1801 3rd Ave N, Bessemer, AL 35020
Phone: (205) 744-3500


Jefferson County Family Court
120 2nd Court N, Birmingham, AL 35204
Phone: (205) 325-5491


Jefferson County’s District Courts
Jefferson County District Court
Bessemer Justice Center
1851 2nd Ave N, Bessemer, AL 35020
Phone: (205) 497-8510


Jefferson County District Court
Jefferson County Criminal Justice Center
801 Richard Arrington, Jr. Blvd N, Birmingham, AL 35203
Phone: (205) 325-5285
Fax: (205) 325-8754


Jefferson County District Court
Jefferson County Courthouse
716 Richard Arrington, Jr. Blvd N, Birmingham, AL 35203
Phone: (205) 325-5355


Jefferson County Family Court
1801 3rd Ave N, Bessemer, AL 35020
Phone: (205) 744-3500


Jefferson County Family Court
120 2nd Court N, Birmingham, AL 35204
Phone: (205) 325-5491


Jefferson County’s Probate Courts
Jefferson County Probate Court
Jefferson County Courthouse
716 Richard Arrington, Jr. Blvd N, #115, Birmingham, AL 35203
Phone: (205) 325-5420


Jefferson County Probate Court
1801 3rd Ave N, Bessemer, AL 35020
Phone: (205) 481-4102


Jefferson County’s Municipal Courts
Adamsville Municipal Court
4828 Main St, Adamsville, AL 35005
Phone: (205) 674-5671


Bessemer Municipal Court
23 N 15th St, Bessemer, AL 35020
Phone: (205) 426-8602
Fax: (205) 481-4384


Birmingham Municipal Court
David J. Vann Municipal Justice Center
801 17th St N, Birmingham, AL 35203
Phone: (205) 254-2161
Fax: (205) 254-2896


Brighton Municipal Court
3700 Main St, Brighton, AL 35020
Phone: (205) 425-8934


Brookside Municipal Court
Brookside Town Hall
2711 Municipal Ln, Brookside, AL 35036
Phone: (205) 674-9275


Fairfield Municipal Court
5231 Court B, Fairfield, AL 35064
Phone: (205) 783-6019


Fultondale Municipal Court
1210 Walker Chapel Rd, P.O. Box 699, Fultondale, AL 35068
Phone: (205) 841-1430
Fax: (205) 423-6787


Gardendale Municipal Court
1309 Decatur Hwy, P.O. Box 889, Gardendale, AL 35071
Phone: (205) 631-7155
Fax: (205) 631-7156


Graysville Municipal Court
246 S Main St, P.O. Box 130, Graysville, AL 35073
Phone: (205) 674-5643
Fax: (205) 674-5646


Homewood Municipal Court
1833 29th Ave S, Homewood, AL 35209
Phone: (205) 332-6268


Hoover Municipal Court
2020 Valleydale Rd, Hoover, AL 35244
Phone: (205) 444-7526
Fax: (205) 444-7542


Hueytown Municipal Court
1318 Hueytown Rd, P.O. Box 3650, Hueytown, AL 35023
Phone: (205) 491-5728
Fax: (205) 491-5795


Irondale Municipal Court
101 S 20th St, Irondale, AL 35210
Phone: (205) 951-1414


Kimberly Municipal Court
9256 Stouts Rd, P.O. Box 206, Kimberly, AL 35091
Phone: (205) 647-5531


Leeds Municipal Court
1400 9th St, #100, Leeds, AL 35094
Phone: (205) 699-0913
Fax: (205) 719-6559


Lipscomb Municipal Court
5512 Ave H, Lipscomb, AL 35020
Phone: (205) 428-6374


Midfield Municipal Court
725 Bessemer Super Hwy, Midfield, AL 35228
Phone: (205) 923-3542


Morris Municipal Court
8304 Stouts Rd, P.O. Box 163, Morris, AL 35116
Phone: (205) 647-0596


Mountain Brook Municipal Court
56 Church St, Mountain Brook, AL 35213
Phone: (205) 802-3828
Fax: (205) 870-3590


Pleasant Grove Municipal Court
501 Park Rd, Pleasant Grove, AL 35127
Phone: (205) 744-1721


Tarrant Municipal Court
1604 Pinson Valley Pkwy, Birmingham, AL 35217
Phone: (205) 802-2804


Trafford Municipal Court
9239 E Commercial Ave, Trafford, AL 35172
Phone: (205) 647-3751


Trussville Municipal Court
131 Main St, P.O. Box 159, Trussville, AL 35173
Phone: (205) 655-8352
Fax: (205) 661-4069


Vestavia Hills Municipal Court
1032 Montgomery Hwy, P.O. Box 660854, Vestavia Hills, AL 35266
Phone: (205) 978-0121
Fax: (205) 978-0209


Warrior Municipal Court
215 Main St, Warrior, AL 35180
Phone: (205) 647-0520
Fax: (205) 647-0551

Jefferson County District Court Records

Jefferson County has five District Court branches exercising limited jurisdiction over small claims cases, preliminary hearings for felony cases, and criminal misdemeanors. The Jefferson County District Courts also maintain concurrent jurisdiction with circuit courts handling civil cases involving not more than $20,000.

The Alabama Code 36-12-40 ensures citizens can inspect records maintained by District Courts and make copies if needed. Requesters can approach any of the five courthouses to make a physical District Court records request on workdays. There are also online judiciary platforms through which District Court records are accessible.

Jefferson County Criminal Records

Jefferson County criminal records contain details of criminal activities and convictions of a group or an individual. Criminal records help reveal an individual’s propensity for crime and what aspect it falls under. These records are available at different levels, with law enforcement agents having arrest and jail incarceration records, the correctional service having prison incarceration records, and the courts having criminal court records.

Records seekers can get Jefferson County criminal records from the relevant sheriff’s office or police station. Court archives can also provide some relevant criminal records relating to criminal trials and their details. The law enforcement offices and the courts can be visited on workdays and during work hours to make a physical record request or use online alternatives like the Adult Civil and Criminal website. The sheriff’s office also has the County Jail website available for checking their record to search for inmates. Criminal records are sensitive, and requesters will likely require a valid ID when requesting and confirming payment of required fees.

Jefferson County Criminal Court Case Lookup

Jefferson County criminal court cases can be looked up at in courthouses. The county has Circuit Courts, where criminal cases are handled, and records are kept. Requesters can approach any of the Circuit Courts with criminal jurisdiction to request criminal court records. The Adult Civil and Criminal website allows record seekers access to Jefferson County criminal court records.

Get Jefferson County Civil Court Records

Civil court records are archives of cases filed or processed through a courthouse. These records are available at various courthouses as civil jurisdiction cuts across different courts. Circuit Courts have general jurisdiction over civil cases and share concurrent jurisdiction with other courts of specific jurisdiction, such as family courts. Jefferson County civil court records can be accessed at the relevant courthouses possessing said records. Requesters can use a physical request submission or a judiciary or county website to submit a record request. Record seekers can request civil court records from the Adult Civil and Criminal platform. A fee will typically be charged for accessing records. A valid ID can be required in certain conditions.

Jefferson County Family Court Records

Family court records are unique as they are archives of documents and digital multimedia giving details and information on family law cases. Family law cases deal with issues of domestic violence, child custody, spousal support, adoption, and child support. These records are public as provided by Alabama Code 36-12-40, with the exception of sensitive or private information. Jefferson County family court records are available through the juvenile and adult dockets. Record seekers can approach the Family courthouses in the county to request records or use the Clerk and Registrar website to do the same. The Family Court will be open to take requests between 8 am and 4 pm on weekdays.

Jefferson Dissolution of Marriage Records

Jefferson County's dissolution of marriage records are files and archives of dissolved marriages in the county. These records refer to divorce records for Jefferson County. Divorce records can help reveal the property allocation, spousal support, divorce terms, child custody, and grounds for divorce. Divorce records are available at the courthouses where the divorce trial took place and through the Jefferson County Department of Health Vital Records Office. Record seekers can either approach the Vital Records office for a record request or use the website provided, such as Additional Certificates and Records and Divorce Certificates.

Jefferson County Marriage and Divorce Records

Jefferson County marriage and divorce records are details of marriages conducted within the county and marriages legally ended. Marriage and divorce records can reveal the terms for divorce, child custody, property division, the wedding official, the particular of the couple and their witness, and more. Maintaining the county’s marriage and divorce records cut across the duties of the Jefferson County Department of Health, Vital Records Office, and the Probate Court of Jefferson County. The Probate court also has two websites for requesting Marriage Certificates and Search Marriage Licenses and divorce records.

Jefferson Birth and Death Records

Jefferson County birth and death records refer to details and documents on deaths and births within the county. These records were originally held by hospitals but were decentralized, making them hard to retrieve. Birth and death records can reveal the place of death, time of death, place of birth, and time of birth. The Jefferson County Department of Health Vital Records Office holds and maintains these records. This office has birth certificates dating back to 1908. Requesters can request copies of birth certificates for $15.00, while a first copy will cost $6.00. The county's Additional Certificates and Records website allows record seekers to send further birth and death records.

Jefferson County Probate Court Records

Jefferson County Probate Court records are documents and files used in processing probate actions. Some examples of records include cases involving wills, adoptions, personal administration, and a deceased’s estate administration. The Probate court can be approached on weekdays to make a request for Jefferson County Probate Court records. The Archives website provided by the Jefferson County Probate Court allows sending record requests online. Requesters can also use court trial records to get information on trials based on probate cases.

Jefferson County Property Records

Jefferson County property records are files, documents, and multimedia archives showing details on property ownership and interest within the county. Property records will reveal a property’s title, ownership, tax burden, mortgage, and more. Record seekers can access these records through the Jefferson County Map Viewer, the Land Records website from the Probate Court, and the Citizen Access Portal to search for and view information on Jefferson County’s real properties. These websites will collectively provide access to mailing addresses, parcel numbers, property addresses, and owners.

Jefferson County Court Records Online

Jefferson County court records are available at each of the courthouses operating in the county. Each courthouse maintains its own records of documents filed at the court. With each court having a custodian, record seekers can approach the court between 8 am and 4 pm on weekdays. There are also websites for the county government and judiciary that provide easier record access. Requesters can use websites like Clerk and Registrar and Adult Civil and Criminal to access or request court cases. There are also third-party websites like that requesters can use to conduct records searches. These websites collect records from across different governmental agencies and put them into an organized archive. While these websites can be very useful for quick information, they must be cross-checked with official records sources for the best accuracy.

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