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Mobile County Arrest Records

Mobile County arrest records are official documents that detail the arrests of individuals within the county. Generally, an arrest becomes necessary if law enforcement has evidence that an individual has committed or is about to commit a crime. In Mobile County, arrestees are held at the Mobile County Metro Jail and the Strickland Youth Center. The following agencies generate arrest records within Mobile County:

An arrest within Mobile County does not confirm the arrestee's guilt or innocence. However, it will become part of Mobile County court records if the case that results in the arrest proceeds to a court within Mobile County.

Are Arrest Records Public in Mobile County?

Yes, arrest records are public in Mobile County. Access to Mobile County arrest records and other public records is governed by Alabama Code Title 36, Chapter 12, Sections 36-12-40 through 36-12-41. However, the Alabama Code exempts public access to arrest records of minors, sealed and expunged arrest records. Juvenile Arrest records are accessible to the parents, guardians, or legal representatives of the owner of the records, other persons need to get court orders to access them and other exempt arrest records.

What Do Public Arrest Records Contain?

An arrest record contains the arrestee's details and the circumstances surrounding the arrest. Typically, Mobile County arrest records information includes:

  • Personal information about the arrestee (these include full name, date of birth, gender, race, and address)
  • Arrest details such as time and date of arrest, location of arrest, the arresting agency, name and badge numbers of the arresting officers
  • The charges against the arrestee
  • Booking information (including fingerprints, mugshots, booking number)
  • Bail and Bond information
  • Circumstances of arrest. For instance, the use of force, presence of weapons, or did the individual resisted arrest
  • Court information such as date of court appearance, location, case number, and docket information (if the case proceeds to the court.

Mobile County Crime Rate

In 2022, property vandalism was one of the most common crimes in Mobile County. Data from the FBI Crime Explorer show that over 2,500 cases of property vandalism were reported by the Mobile County Sheriff's Office and the Mobile City Police Department in 2022. The table below outlines some of the more common crimes in Mobile County between 2018 and 2022.

Crime Number of Reported Cases Total
Mobile County Police Sheriff's Office Mobile County Police Department
Aggravated Assault 490 3,246 3,736
Burglary 624 2,400 2,024
Motor Vehicle Theft 519 1,223 1742
Vandalism of Property 629 4,689 5,318
Drug Equipment Violations 603 1,216 1,819
Drug/Narcotics Violations 1,079 2,621 3,700
Shoplifting 187 2,490 2,677
Theft From Building 278 1,496 1,774
Theft From Motor Vehicles 286 2,753 3,039
Intimidation 304 3,541 3,845

Data Source: Federal Bureau of Investigation.

Mobile County Arrest Statistics

Crime statistics from the Alabama Law Enforcement Agency show an increase in the number of Arrests in Mobile County for 2022. In 2022, there were 8,296 arrests in Mobile, 224 more than the 8,072 in 2021. Also, the 2021 arrest figures are higher than the 5,607 arrests in 2020.

The table below shows a breakdown of juvenile and adult arrests in Mobile between 2020 and 2022.

Mobile County Arrest Records 2020 to 2022

Year Number of Arrests
Juvenile Adult
2022 566 7,730
2021 458 7,614
2020 249 5,358

Find Mobile County Arrest Records

There are several ways to find Mobile County arrest records online and offline. To access Mobile County arrest records, interested parties should:

  • Visit the Mobile County Sheriff's Office website, scroll down, and click the Who Is In Jail link to access arrest records information on Mobile County active inmates’
  • Search for Mobile County arrest records online through third-party websites. Some private websites may have databases of information on Mobile County law enforcement activities
  • Visit the Alabama Law Enforcement Agency Background Check page and subscribe to the Alabama Background Check System to check for Mobile County criminal records (including arrest records)
  • Log in to the FBI Crime Explorer Portal and use the online search tools to obtain information on Mobile County arrest records
  • Submit a public records request to the Mobile County Sheriff's Office at:

510 South Royal St, Mobile,
AL, 36603
Mailing Address: P.O. Box 113, Mobile, AL, 36601

Also, requesters can visit or call the Mobile Police Department at:

2460 Government Blvd, Mobile,
AL, 36606
Phone: (251) 208-1700

Free Arrest Record Search in Mobile County

To obtain information on Mobile County arrest records for free:

  • Visit the FBI website and access free information using the Crime Explorer
  • Log in to the Mobile County Sheriff's Office website, click the drop menu, scroll down, and select 'Who's In Jail' to access information on Mobile County active inmates.
  • Search for Mobile County arrest records online. Some third-party websites that have databases on Mobile County law enforcement records may offer information for free.

Free access to Mobile County arrest records may be available through local public libraries. Also, law enforcement agencies within Mobile County may offer basic arrest records information for free.

Get Mobile County Criminal Records

Mobile County arrest records are official documents on criminal activities and prosecutions of individuals in Mobile County. In Mobile, criminal records encompass information on arrest, court proceedings, conviction, sentencing, probation, and parole of individuals who have committed criminal offenses within the county. To obtain Mobile County criminal records:

  • Visit the Mobile County Sheriff's Office website and navigate to the Who's In Jail page.
  • Log in to the Alabama Department of Correction Inmate Search Page, and use name and inmate number to look up information on persons incarcerated in correctional facilities within Alabama (including Mobile County)
  • Log in to the Alabama Law Enforcement Agency's Page and register to check for criminal records of individuals convicted within Mobile County
  • Visit the Alabama Administrative Office Of Courts website:
    • Scroll down and click the Just One Look icon to access the On-Demand Access page
    • Sign up and log in to search for criminal records on Mobile County convictions.

Also, requesters can make a public records request through the Mobile County - 13th Judicial Circuit Of Alabama at

Government Plaza,
205 Government Street,
Suite 913
Mobile, AL 36644-2913
Phone: (251) 574-8806
Fax: (251) 574-8796

Mobile County Arrest Records Vs. Criminal Records

There are clear distinctions between Mobile County arrests and criminal records. Although arrest and criminal records are related in that they document activities of enforcing the laws, there are differences between both records. The table outlines some differences between Mobile County arrests and criminal records.

Criteria Arrest Records Criminal Records
Scope of Information Provides details of an arrest incident Gives comprehensive details of an individual's criminal history. Criminal records encompass arrest records and court documents relating to trial, conviction, sentencing, probation, and parole of a convicted person
Purpose and Usage These are law enforcement records that are used for tracking arrest incidents and for background checks on individuals Criminal records are used by law enforcement and legal professionals to perform comprehensive background checks on an individual's criminal history
Maintenance and Custody Typically, law enforcement agencies are the custodians of criminal records Law enforcement agencies and courts are responsible for maintaining criminal records
Public Accessibility Arrest records are generally accessible. However, there may be redaction of some information. Criminal records are accessible, but the public cannot access sealed or expunged criminal records.

How Long Do Arrests Stay on Your Record?

In Mobile County and the rest of Alabama, an arrest will stay on a record indefinitely if the owner of the records makes no move to remove it. However, the court can remove an arrest record through pardon or expungement.

Expunge Mobile County Arrest Records

To expunge an arrest from a record in Mobile County, the record owner must fulfill the eligibility requirements. Per Alabama Code § 15-27-1 through § 15-27-10, an individual may be eligible for criminal (arrest) records expungement if:

  • The charges were dismissed
  • The individual is not guilty of the alleged crime
  • The person is a victim of human trafficking at the time of the crime, and the offense is a misdemeanor,non-serious traffic or municipal ordinance violation.
  • The individual is a convict, the offense is a non-violent crime, and three years have passed since the conviction.
  • The person is an ex-convict, there must be no other conviction before the request for removal of the arrest records.

To expunge an arrest record in Mobile County, interested parties should:

  • Determine eligibility for arrest records expungement
  • Obtain a copy of criminal records from the Alabama Law Enforcement Agency (ALEA)
  • Download a Criminal Records Expungement Kit from ALEA to read up on how to file a petition for expungement of records, or the individual consult an attorney. Also, download a Petition for Expungement of Records form (Form CR-65)
  • Fill out Form CR-65, include the criminal records, and file a petition at the Mobile County Circuit Court.
  • Notify the Mobile County District Attorney's Office and the agency responsible for the arrest (they have the right to consent or object to the removal of the records)
  • Attend court hearings if the judge schedules one.
  • Wait for the outcome of the petition. If it is successful, the court will order the removal of the records from public access.

After a court seals an arrest record, it will become inaccessible to the public. However, law enforcement and criminal justice agencies may still have access to the records.

Mobile County Arrest Warrants

Mobile County arrest warrants are official documents issued by a judge or magistrate of Mobile County court to authorize law enforcement to take an individual into custody. In Mobile County, arrest warrants comply with Rule 4.1 of The Alabama Rules of Criminal Procedure. To obtain an arrest warrant in Mobile County, law enforcement must show probable cause that an individual committed a crime or is about to commit a crime. Typically, an arrest warrant information includes

  • Personal information of the suspect, such as full name, date of birth, and physical description
  • Instructions to law enforcement on how to carry out the arrest
  • Details of the offense
  • Legal authority and authorization (the originating court and name of the judge or magistrate who issued the arrest warrant).

Mobile County Arrest Warrant Search

To find an active Mobile County arrest warrant:

  • Visit the Mobile County Sheriff's Office website, click the drop menu, scroll down, and navigate to the Warrant Search Division
  • Accept the terms and log in to the Warrant Search Portal
  • Use name, license number, Social Security Number, and date of birth to look up arrest warrants
  • Log in to the Mobile County Warrant Search Online Portal and use a name to look for arrest warrants.
  • Search online for Mobile County arrest records. Mobile County arrest warrant information may be available through third-party sites with databases on Mobile law enforcement and court records.

Also, requesters can contact the Sheriff's Office or visit the Mobile County Clerk of Courts Office for information on court-issued arrest warrants.

Do Mobile County Arrest Warrants Expire?

No, Mobile County arrest warrants do not expire. They remain active until law enforcement apprehends the culprit. However, an arrest becomes inactive if the court recalls it or the person who is to be arrested dies.

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